Motorbike Servicing, Repairs & WOF

Being one of the largest motorcycle rental companies in the world means we are experts in keeping bikes running. Since 1987, during the summer, over 100 bikes are on the road at any one time and they need to be running smoothly, reliably and safely. We are now offering our workshop knowledge and expertise to every rider. Based close to the city we are located at 28b Byron St, off Colombo, in Sydenham. We offer workshop servicing on all models of bikes.


  • Oil and filter changes

  • Brake pads and servicing

  • Chain and Sprockets

  • General maintenance, valve adjustments, spark plug replacement.

We also offer a good range of Metzeler tyres at reasonable prices and free fitting to loose wheels.

We offer a pickup and drop off option so please contact us for details.

Our philosophy as a rental company is to offer a high level of personal, friendly service and we want to extend this to workshop services where too often customers that deal with large shops do not get treated with respect they deserve.

For Example for $180 we would offer:

  • Oil and filter change ( most models)

  • Clean air filter

  • Check brake pads and top up fluid

  • Check battery and charging system

  • Adjust steering head bearings

  • Check tyres

Pop in for a chat and check out how we can help.

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