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things to pack
Riding a motorbike is a great pleasure in New Zealand. Here the temperate climate, fantastic scenery, well maintained roads and a high safety record make it an experience to remember.


To make planning your trip to New Zealand easy, we have made a list of recommended items to bring on your motorcycle adventure.


  • Dress for temperatures of 16C to 24C (61F to 75F)
  • Medium and light weight for under riding gear
  • Warm pull over (sweater) for glacier hike & colder evenings
  • No dress code for dining, just casual clothing

Hiking Gear

  • Most good motorcycle boots are suitable otherwise bring some comfortable shoes
  • Small day pack & water bottle

Personal items

  • If your bringing a hair drier make sure it's dual voltage - we run on 240V 50 Hertz in NZ.
  • Toiletries, creditcard, sun block cream, sunglasses and sun-cap


  • A good zoom lens (200mm) would be useful for Wildlife shots like whale watching
  • Good film and processing is available in NZ
  • Underwater disposable camera (with flash) for Dolphin Swim

Riding gear

  • Helmets are mandatory in NZ, but you can rent one from us if needed
  • Protective/windproof motorcycle jacket & trousers
  • A spare large, soft bag for putting any additional things you may buy in NZ.
  • Proper rain gear - jacket, pants, rubber gloves (Leather or Gore-Tex), etc.
  • Leather Gloves (one light/summer pair and one warmer/Winter pair could be useful)
    (All above items we have for hire)
  • Earplugs if preferred
  • Quality Riding boots (we do not provide boots)


  • Swimming gear, swimsuit & beach towel (North Island beaches are warm for swimming over the summer, South Island sea & river swimming in Feb - March)
  • Strong and comfortable walking boots or shoes could be useful if you would like to do some hiking
  • Your credit card, required for insurance deductable
  • Full unrestricted motorcycle driver's licence. National (non-international) license is fine.
  • A spare large, soft bag for putting any additional things you may buy in NZ.

As all experienced motorcyclists know, packing light is always the best option. New Zealand has good shopping facilities in practically every town, so if you find you need something you can buy it locally at reasonable prices.

We hire riding gear so if you require us to provide any of the above - please let us know we are happy to arrange it or just select items you require once you arrive, (we do have some additional gear available including tents, sleeping rolls, goggles, cellular phones and more).

Note: For those booked on one of our guided tours, our tour vans are equipped with a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, tool kit and puncture repair equipment.

We wish you a lot of fun and a great time riding through our beautiful country.