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Weather in New zealand

New Zealand has a temperate climate - not excessively hot or too cold.

Motorcycling in this country is popular during the warmer months, November to March are preferred.

Summer (December, January and February) is undoubtedly the most popular time to visit New Zealand, especially the more southern South Island.

The South Island boasts a scenic wonderland, with some of the highest Mountains capped with snow all year around, and warm beaches bathed with beauty.

The West Coast of NZ has a temperate rain forest which receives most of the countries rainfall. The winding road along the coast, rainforest on one side and rugged coastline on the other provide some memorable motorcycling, however it is advisable when traveling in this area to carry a rainproof jacket and over pants.

As a general rule, (subject to climate change) from November to late December the weather is generally fine with just the odd day of showers.

Then when most New Zealanders are on holiday between Christmas and New Year (24 December to 2 January) we usually get a few days of rain! (Murphys Law).

After this rain it is then fine for the two months of January and February.

From May to September sees some days of heavy rain with some beautiful clear calm sunny days in between, at this time mornings can be frosty with early morning ice on the road in some regions.

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