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Pristine unspoilt country, great roads with little traffic & friendly English speaking people.

"Godzone" as they call New Zealand, is the country hand-crafted by God after he made the rest of the world. A country where he could combine the most spectacular contradictions in landscape, and few cities. New Zealand is full of surprises around every twist - lush green countryside inhabitated by only nature and wildlife, yet only footsteps away the vivid lupins will line the bottom of sparkling snow covered alps and ancient glaciers. It is the magnificent fiords and pristine lakes, sub-tropical climate and natural rain forests, rolling farmlands and so many stunning displays of nature's hand, all rolled together that make NZ the ideal place for touring. Travelling North you'll only find more contrast as you experience golden sandy beaches, hot thermal springs, soaring geysers, active volcanoes and exotic native bush.

Due to its relative youth, size and distance from major world markets, New Zealand is untouched from the crowds of tourists. The people are sociable and friendly, and there are many activites for those wanting even more adventure. Bungee jump off a 300' bridge, or take an andrenaline pumping jet boat ride through fast and furious rivers. Take a peaceful boat cruise through lakes and waterfalls on a night so clear you can almost touch the stars.

New Zealand, located midway between the equator and the South Pole, is very small and isolated in the vast Pacific Ocean. Composed of two major islands, the South Island and the North Island, combines to a total length of 1600 kilometres. There is no place in New Zealand that is more than 120 kilometres from the ocean.

Quote from Robert Moore, writer for National Geographic - "Here in an area approximately the size of Colorado are grouped the snow-mantled peaks of Switzerland, geysers of a Yellowstone, volcanic cones of Java and Japan, and the lakes of Italy; the mineral springs of Czechoslovakia, the fjords of Norway, seacoasts of Maine and California, and waterfalls higher than Yosemite."


Size and population of New Zealand

Comparable in size and/or shape to Great Britain, Colorado and Japan, New Zealand has a population of only 4.6 million - making it one of the world's least crowded countries. It is a haven for those seeking peace, rejuvenation and relaxation as well as a playground for thrillseekers and adventurers.

About New Zealand


New Zealand has what is considered a mild climate, seasons in New Zealand are Spring (September - November), Summer (December - February), Autumn (March - May), and Winter (June - August). Most places in New Zealand receive over 2,000 hrs of sunshine throughout the year. while UV rays in sunlight are very strong during the summer months. Average rainfall varies between 640 ml - 1500 ml.

Temperatures of the North and South Island will vary from 12 to 30 degrees centigrade. A subtropical climate will be found on the North Island and a temperate climate on the South Island. The weather can change very quick and unexpectedly, so always have your rain gear, warm clothing, and sunhat and sunblock.